Monday, August 06, 2007

Redman mix

. Redman best of, mix by SLurg

It's crazy how I always have new ideas for theme-based mixtapes, but unfortunately I never have time to actually put them together (rehearse the mix, record it, find someone for the artwork, manufacture the tapes, harrass stores to carry them, harrass stores to get the money back...).

I had the idea to do a Redman mixtape for years, but I never did it. The good thing is we have the radio show where I did the mix enclosed here (actually it's 3 different mixes nicely edited by Erwin). I didn't rehearse, so the mix are sloppy, the levels are all over the place and sometimes I just play the same record twice just because.

So don't consider this a Redman Mixtape, but just a radio show with an artwork made in 15 minutes by a DJ who can't really use Photoshop.

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