Thursday, March 23, 2006

I don't care who's first and who's last

Ok, now call me stupid, but until a few weeks ago I didn't know that E-Swift jacked the beat from the video of the best posse cut ever.


My internet provider is messing with me right now, I can't upload anything. Anyway here are a couple of free mp3 I listen these days, courtesy of their respective labels :

One of the very few interesting groups to emerge from Beta Bodega, Climber with a very 2000-season-ish track called Reparations.

The centerpiece of Key-Kool & Rhettmatic 1995 Kozmonautz album Reconcentrated about the incarceration of Japanese in America during World War II has since been used many times in universities.

I don't know if from a marketing point of view Tanya Morgan is a good name for a rap group with no female member. But who cares about considerations like this when the music is good ? Paper Thin.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bop to the beat, walk down the street

Everybody should be aware that Run-DMC's 808 beats were a major influence on Miami bass and Texas rap. This screwed & chopped remix of My Adidas is just one example.

The Three Freaks plus two more : Mistah FAB and Droop-E join Turf Talk and Keak Da Sneak on the remix of DJ Shadow's track. Link courtesy of


Recent interview with the One More of the Funky Four : Sha-rock

Monday, March 06, 2006

Let's travel back to where it all began

Sorry for those still reppin the 56K, here is a quite long Run DMC track from 1986-87 that didn't appear on any of the recent reissues : Black History.


Longtime radio DJ Carlos NiƱo's group Ammoncontact has a new album coming out in may, called With Voices. Among the numerous collaborations they did two tracks with Nouka from The Nonce also known as Sach : Into 777.


It's borderline sexist, it doesn't sound organic at all, it has chicks dancing in the video : his old fans won't like it at all. Yet if you ask me, 3 Freaks is the best thing made by Shadow since Swan Lake.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Twist wig back, head crack, Flat line, alpine, deck !

Earlier this week in New-York Warner had a listening session of a new kind for E-40's My Ghetto Report Card. Instead of letting the journalists, you know, listen to the album, they heard a mix of E-40 classics and only a few cuts from the album. Meanwhile Lil Jon was there distributing free weed to everyone and they had girls stripping and dancing naked.
I don't think it's a good sign. I wasn't a fan of E-40 during his heyday, so I can only have a good surprise with his album, like I had when he dropped Gasoline . The album which will drop this month has production by Studio Ton, Lil Jon, RIck Rock, Kanye and E-40's own son, Droop-E.


Some good old mixes by DJ Clyde on Dusty Tape.

Bonus pour Bachir : East : Straight From The Underground.