Monday, August 07, 2006

I just come back from well deserved vacations, but sorry for you, I didn't bring back a lot a music. Well, Madrid isn't know for its music scene anyway. I mean except this is the most decent hip-hop record I found there : DNI : Decir Funk

At least I heard good DJs and they make good comps, check the Jazz Travels compiled by Casbah 73 on Hitop Records. It Has dope Soul, Psyche, Bossa and, yes, jazz tracks, like Daniel Lencina's Negro en sol menor

Over the last month I've listen to that song a million time. It's on Exile's album, rhymes by Blu.

In recent bad news, I heard that Z-Ro got incarcerated recently. Let's hope that when the Mo City Don comes out, he'll get half the coverage TI has.